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Tax now! The United States has issued a formal countertax order

2019-05-29 19:03:34   Source:Rubber China net    Click:    Font Size:Massive Central Small

Tax now! The United States has issued a formal countertax order

Post date: 19-02-15 Source: rubber China net author: si xianchao

China rubber network news according to the China rubber industry association just received the news, the United States department of commerce has been in February 15, 2019, China truck passenger tires countervailing order published in the federal register of the United States, the United States customs will impose anti-dumping and countervailing duties on the above products

After anti-dumping and countervailing investigations in 2016-2017, the us department of commerce determined that the dumping margin of more than 100 Chinese truck and bus tire manufacturers and exporters, such as pu lincheng shan shuangqian tire and guizhou tire, was 9%~22.57%At the same time, determine the guizhou tyre subsidy rate was 63.34%, the copper cash tire subsidy rate is 20.98%, other producers subsidy rate was 42.16%, the agency said in a statement the copper cash tyres and guizhou tyre after correction of the subsidy rate is proposed to calculate the error requirement revised, copper cash subsidy rate was reduced by 17.63%, tires guizhou tyre subsidy rate was reduced by 2.12%, other Chinese manufacturers subsidy rate was cut by 9.88%微信圖片_20190529190914.png

Note: the rates shown in the table are calculated according to the instructions in the announcement. The rate of anti-dumping duty deposit in the table is subject to the final confirmation of the customs duty order