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Test results do not compare with international brands how China tire development

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Test results do not compare with international brands how China tire development

Source: China rubber net author: Yang honghui

China rubber network news not long ago, CCTV 2 consumer opinion column broadcast two consecutive issues of the tire test results of Chinese and foreign brands

Results show that the test specifications tyres in handling, safety or noise and fuel efficiency, the Chinese brand of tyres are no longer lost to international brands of tires, even in a lot of single index than the foreign brands of tires on this result, make Chinese tire people feel exciting, after so many years of struggle, the Chinese tire has made great progress, many excellent Chinese brand tyre quality can match international brands

Consumer advocates the CCTV program testing, it is the first time is open to domestic tire brand to test on a large scale, domestic tire test basic auto media, is involved in is also more foreign tire brand consumer advocates the CCTV columns lasted two months, across three provinces, four paragraphs to four foreign brands 6 Chinese brand tyre has carried on the comprehensive test, test all the tires market regular procurement, in the third party testing ground test independently, so the test data are true and fair.

Test results show that the Chinese brand tires in dry wet braking performance handling comfort security noise rolling resistance, etc, are doing well, even in many performance index than the foreign brands, a complete reversal of the inherent in the vast majority of consumers foreign brand tires is better than China brand cognitive, let the consumer to the Chinese tire performance and performance have objective and fair understanding, enhance the domestic tire brand awareness in the eyes of consumers, help change the Chinese market with foreign brands, foreign markets with the phenomenon of Chinese brands, can promote the rational consumption of consumers

Objectively, the tire industry after nearly 30 years of rapid development, has formed a complete series products of all kinds of complete system of tire industry, tire production for 11 consecutive years the world's first, become the world's largest tire producer, consumer and exporter, tire exports accounted for around 40% of tire production all-steel radial tire in China through the test of the high-speed overloading, performance has reached the advanced world level; Car radial tires have achieved tubeless wide section flattening high speed, safe, energy saving and environmental protection green tires have been steadily introduced to the international market and recognized; The giant engineering radial tire broke the monopoly of foreign technology and equipment and realized industrial production. Aviation radial tire achieved zero breakthrough

In terms of green tire, copper cash China strategic triangle and exquisite fengshen binary your round the round Jin Yu south China tire enterprises such as the production of low rolling resistance tyres has passed the certification of the environmental protection agency Smart Way than force the tire's two main products comfortable H220 ice series SW211 and its production line, in February this year through the German Rhine TUV test and audit in recent years, domestic tire enterprises began to participate in domestic and foreign media organizations tyre evalsuation, all force triangle brands such as tyre, kirin and exquisite have achieved good results, many indexes with the international brand

At present, China has a number of tire enterprises with high brand awareness, so should be full of confidence in the development of Chinese brand tires, but at the same time, in the tire design concept product innovation channel construction and improve brand awareness, China's tire industry still has a long way to go, need unremitting efforts

First, in terms of design concept and product innovation to although China has many tire enterprise product technology content and quality are close to or reached the international advanced level, but in the innovation of product design and the overall state is still in the chase for this, China tire enterprises cannot be complacent, should make persistent efforts, the products do better; And to face up to their own shortcomings, and strive to practice internal skills to change the now commonly used simulation design route, to take the goal design route; To truly understand the needs of global customers, focus on precise research and development in the market, achieve the generation of production, development and storage generation, and provide global consumers with reliable products and valuable services

Second, to strengthen the construction of channels and branding the CCTV shows there is a link, which you can't find the Chinese brand of tire store in Beijing, forced to find regular dealers to buy tires, highlight the deficiency of China tire enterprises in channel construction while China tire enterprises to strengthen the construction of the channel in recent years, such as fengshen love road chi terminal shops, to build a terminal consumption one-stop service, and through the information of CRM and the background of ERP linkage achieve precision marketing; 2 star promotion star monkey strategy, star monkey fast repair experience store and mobiles star monkey service car integration, starting from user needs, improve service efficiency and quality; Copper cash house launched a copper cash, etc., but these few in number, shop is far from being compared with the hundreds of thousands of foreign brand as CCTV host comments, foreign brand after years of propaganda, has set up the brand image in the consumers' mind, while domestic tire propaganda is not enough, price cannot reflect the advantages of Chinese tires in recent years, product quality improve soon, but through brand publicity to let consumers know, let consumers have channels to buy high quality domestic brands of tires

Third, actively promote the industrialization of green tire, the realization of Chinese tyres product structure upgrade of China rubber industry association is from Europe and the United States and other developed countries and accelerate Chinese tyre tag system of tyre tag system is mainly the tire rolling resistance catch on wet pavement and rolling noise is divided into different levels, corresponding label paste on the tyres, so that consumers can choose according to actual need for their product tyre label system is the core of the development of green tire, tire transformation and upgrading of products I believe that with the joint efforts of the tire industry, the tires of Chinese brands will be more deeply rooted in people's hearts, and the dream of China's tire power will be realized