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Intelligent equipment has become a hot topic at the rubber conference

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Intelligent equipment has become a hot topic at the rubber conference

Source: China rubber net author: China rubber net

March 28th

Found in communication, many tire enterprises generally face price fluctuation of raw materials, product structural surplus, and costs to increase profit margins and other challenges, their demand for rubber machine equipment in general is a comprehensive cost optimization, such as: some enterprises hope that through intelligent replace manual, solve the problem of the Labour shortages and personnel ability; Some want to control process quality; Some hope that equipment failure can be predicted in advance and so on

It can be seen that the trend of equipment intellectualization is very obvious. At the annual meeting, the tp-3 cutting machine PS2A molding machine, which is mainly recommended by soft control, is highly consistent with the current market demand, and to some extent, it is in the forefront of relevant intelligent products, which has become a widely discussed rubber equipment

It is understood that the recent improvement of soft control tp-3 cutting machine has four advantages:Firstly, the intelligent cutting of the whole process can realize on-demand production, comprehensively improve customer experience from the aspects of logistics information flow production, man-machine coordination and data interaction, and greatly improve product quality and production efficiencySecondly, remote diagnosis and maintenance can be realized, which greatly reduces the difficulty of maintenance and personnel investment;ThirdProduction efficiency has been greatly improvedComprehensive production capacity can be increased by 60 percent,The joint  effciency reached 27/min,Joint wrong side accuracy to 1 mmFourth, the comprehensive upgrade of automation information, the realization of a man - machine

As pioneer of intelligent manufacturing rubber industry, soft control has successfully implemented the world's first tyre turn-key project at present, intelligent manufacture factory workshop production tire intelligence solution have been more optimization, which can realize the comprehensive cost reductions in the tire industry to quality is the first benefit of priority under the trend of green environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing is the requirement of the new era, and is equipped with intelligent just is the foundation of basic trust through the upgrade of intelligent manufacturing, tire industry will achieve the overall progress and long-term development