Who Should Star in Your Corporate Video Production?

You decided to film the production of corporate videos, and shortly thereafter a panic appears. What I think! I am terrible to the camera! This is a natural reaction, especially if you are one of the directors of a company that you are expected to lead and, therefore, become the star of your corporate video. But does this mean that you are the best person for this job?

When it comes to the production of corporate videos, the business owner or the CEO may seem like a natural choice. For example, if you shoot an employee-oriented video, your audience will want to know about you, your philosophy and your company, and who will speak better about yourself and your vision than you? The same applies to corporate video production services Melbourne products aimed at attracting investors. However, if you feel extremely uncomfortable before the camera, appearing on the lead role can be counterproductive.

Identify the purpose of corporate video production.

Corporate videos are created for many reasons, ranging from employee orientation, investor relations and commercial videos, to corporate tours and “how” videos. Ask yourself what is the purpose of the video and for whom is the target audience. Now ask yourself how you are going to use the video to receive the message.

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For example, if your video is designed to calm the minds of your investors and instill confidence that your company continues to innovate, your video should transfer energy, commitment and power. While a person who speaks with many histograms can convince investors that their company is on the way, corporate video production that shows their team at work can be more effective. If you are standing in front of the camera talking about your recent initiatives, or will any of your more energetic employees take the initiative?

In the same way, the opinions of the clients are powerful tools. In the end, who speaks better of the wonders of their products and services than the customers who used them?

Evaluate your skills with the camera

Regardless of whether you consider that you or someone else plays the main role, it is important that the person who directed the production of corporate videos feel comfortable in front of the camera. Formal training to act is not necessary to adequately represent your company in a business video, but whoever directs the video should feel comfortable in a role play and conversation with the camera.

Consider launching a video For example, if your video contains a staff member that offers new tenants, look for what you really like to work in your company, you can hire an actor to play a role, but with a real employee it will be more effective. Notify your employees about the opportunity and ask them to present a video audition or test in front of a camera installed in their conference room.

Check with your corporate video production team.

Your video production team knows what you are doing, so be sure to contact your producer. If it is important to play a video, your producer can reassure you and help you look good with the camera. It is possible that you can appear on the camera in a short time, completing the rest of the video with voice, graphics, photos, images of your company and comments. Your production company can recommend a representative or even a character depending on the purpose and audience of the video.