Make your Business Secured with Fitness Gold Insurance

Thinking of buying insurance for sports massage therapists, then Fitness Gold is a good platform to to do so. It is the sub-brand of Salon Fitness and has a lot of experience in the fitness industry. They have full knowledge of insurance, and they can create a suitable plan for the fitness industry and cover all types of claims. An insurance policy is essential to protect your business form any risk. Fitness Gold provides a platform where you can make your policy types and can easily protect your business from any unwanted mishap.

Various companies provide an insurance policy; however, Fitness Gold is the leading fitness insurance provider. An insurance policy from Fitness Gold will cover a wide variety of fitness activities as listed below:

  1. Aqua Zumba
  2. Bellyfit
  3. Boxercise
  4. Fitball
  5. Fitness fx
  6. Circuit training
  7. Golf biomechanics
  8. Parkour
  9. Power plate
  10. Rebounding

In Fitness Gold, the sports massage insurance policy covers different claims which are given below:

insurance for sports massage


  • Employers’ liability: In this claim, it will protect you from your staff compensation. If your staff or any employee gets injured during work time, it will cover their expenses from you.
  • Money cover: It will cover all your business losses if the amount of damage is more than 500 euro in the UK, Northern Ireland. This will also cover the compensate for bodily injury which is even caused by theft or robbery.
  • Stock: This policy also covers the loss of any kind of equipment or inventory including, mobile, computer and many more.
  • Personal accident full: This policy also covers all your accident covers like hospital bills, medication bills. If you are disabledon a temporary basis, then it will pay you the amount of 50 euro to 300 euro per week.
  • Malpractice cover: It will cover the bodily injury or any physical damage. However, if you include all these in your policy and claim basis, then you will get the full cover.

Fitness Gold is a leading online company to provide the policy for a fitness instructor, massage therapist, personal trainer and many more. It will help them to cover all their claim and risk which can happen in future. In this, you will get different types of activity covers, and you will easily apply for an insurance policy by visiting their official website By visiting their site, you have to fill out an application form and write down your basic information. Their policy come at an affordable price and also have a very low premium to pay.