Get The FFL Application Approved By Meeting The Eligibility Criteria

A Federal Firearms License (FFL) is a license provided by the government to start a business in the firearms industry. Holding an FFL license to engage in the business is considered as a legal requirement in America according to the Gun Control Act 1968. This kind of licensing system is regulated by BATF, a license which is valid for the duration of 3-years and it is non-transferable. The FFL kits offer you sufficient information on whether you want to apply for FFL and adequate knowledge to assist you with queries which you have.

Eligibility Requirements For FFL Application

The age requirement must be lesser than 21 years of age. You must not have rejected or renounced your American citizenship and must not be unlawful alien to the nation. Furthermore, you must be a legal resident of the nation where the firearm business is established or running. You must not hold any criminal record. You must not have got addicted any controlled substances. If you use medications, you must use them legally.

5 Things Needed To Obtain FFL License

When you decide to apply for ffl application, you have to consider certain things in mind. Some of them are:

  • Legal Age: You must be 21 years of age to apply for FFL license
  • Personal Record: The US government will closely look at your qualifications. If you hold any criminal record then they will find it so you must be truthful in applying for FFL license. The indulgence of any criminal activity will end up in the refusal of the application.
  • Organize An ATF Visit: The ATF (Bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms & explosives) will consider the individual qualification seriously before providing approval for FFL. If you wish to organize a business on your own personal property, then they will have a deeper look and also interview you regarding the business. When you plan to set up a business that meets strict guidelines, you must obey the conformance with the law.
  • Paperwork: You must know already that it is a federal license so paperwork seems to be quite necessary. Many people will reject the application when forms have not filled out completely. There are guidelines on how to get FFL license application. You must complete the paperwork process effectively for getting approval for FFL license.
  • Application Fees: As there are 9 kinds of FFLs so the fees might differ as per the FFL type which you wish to get. Initially, you will be paying around $30 to $200 and after 3 years time, renewal cost will change.