Get Benefits of Coworking Membership Deals through Bridgeworks

Are you in search for Long Island office space for lease? Then you are on the right page, and we will discuss one of the high platforms that offer various packages for open office. Bridgeworks is one of the most incredible platforms that offers flexible month to month private own office, meeting rooms, networking events, free coffee, and lounges. On this platform, membership is starting from minimum price $45 month. With the assist of this platform, you can get coworking and private office room with different packages. You can choose one of the best according to your requirement. If you need a better office space, then you can deal with Bridgeworks through In coworking membership includes various packages you can easily choose according to your choice.

  • Basic Coworking: If you prefer to get the basic coworking, then you will get membership within $45/month. You can access month of the workplace for 8 hrs of a day 9 am to 5 pm and Monday to Friday. It gives you the best opportunity to grow your business and make more money.
  • Virtual Coworking: If you are choosing virtual coworking options, then you will get a membership package at $150/month. In this deal, the same time as a basic coworking to access the office workplace. If you want to get also the conference room then it also available at $25/hr. It included 0 print services.

  • Entrepreneur coworking: If you’re going to get unlimited hours to access the workplace then you Entrepreneur is one of the great options for you at the $150/per month. You can get benefits of this place and achieve your goals. In this membership, the package also includes three hours of conference room opportunity.
  • Unlimited coworking: If you need unlimited coworking services as an office, then you will get in a $450 per month. In this membership deal package, you will get unlimited 24/7 hour office access with six-hour conference room and 60 B&W color print.

If you are getting the services to buy workplace for your business setup, then Bridgeworks is one of the incredible options for you. They provide various services to their customers, and they include multiple kinds of membership packages. All membership packages include extra features such as flexible month to month membership, access to all locations with good looking furnishes services, lounge and café with free coffee and tea, high-speed wifi opportunity, onsite industrial printer, cleaning staff, secure and robust locker system and many more.

Most of the people prefer to get private offices. They also deliver membership packages at different prices. It starts from $650 to $1800; you can easily choose according to your requirements. Private office membership packages include various kinds of features such as unlimited access to the workplace, different conference time and many more. If you want to access their services, then you can visit their official website at If you’re going to get more detail about the different membership packages, then you can visit their official website of the Bridgeworks and get more information.