Choosing the Right Retail Display for Your Store

Display fixtures are essential in a store. The fixtures will show the customers what kind of products you are offering in the store. No customer would want to see products lying on the floor or not properly laid for them to see. If a store has no display fixtures, no customer would want to visit it, and not even just take a peek to see what’s inside the store. That’s why retail stores must have display fixtures to display the products they are trying to sell.

There are different types of display fixtures available in the market. There are even suppliers who make custom retail displays for their customers upon request. They come in different style, size, and color. The materials used is also dependent on the customer.

Some of the types of display fixture you can choose are the following:

1.         Gondola

A gondola has two sides that are adjustable shelves and are usually used in the center of the store to display your products.

2.         Slatwall

The slatwall display panels have recessed horizontal spaces for pegs, hooks, and hangers. Considered as the most versatile display fixture.

3.         Garment Rack

Garment racks are often used to display clothing and apparels. They are usually made of metal.

4.         Table Display

A table display is shaped like a table and tiered. They can be used to display shoes of folded garments. It can come in different materials.

5.         Pegboard

The pegboard displays are made of fiber-board with evenly spaced holes. You can attach hooks to them to display your products.

6.         Gridwall

The grid wall display fixtures are wire panels that are very versatile and lightweight. You can attach hooks to it to display your products.

7.         Specialty Displays

The specialty display fixtures are designed for a specific product. It can be used for refrigerated products or foods, jewelry, wine racks, gun cases, bookcases or for clothing or mannequins.

How to choose the right display fixture?

Although there different types of display fixtures, it does not mean that a single should have everything to it. one must know how to choose the right display fixture for their retail store.

1.         The fixture must fit the product

If the retail store is a clothing store, it can have gondolas, table display or a slat wall. Of course, it should also have a mannequin to display the clothes properly. A display fixture should be fit to show customers your products. The size and feature of the fixture should be accessible for customers but strong and sturdy to hold your products.

2.         The Fixtures does not detract your merchandise

The customer comes to your store to purchase the product and not the fixture. Be sure to choose a fixture that will emphasize the product more to your customers for them to buy. The colors should also be taken into consideration when you choose your fixture. White is the most common color for display fixtures.

3.         The fixture should not block the customer’s path

The display fixtures can come in different size and form and it should not block the customer from the merchandise. Your fixture must be easily accessible and will not block the customer to check other products.

Choosing the right fixture for a retail store is crucial. The display fixtures can increase traffic of the retail store.