Bridgeworks – The Most Needed Office and Coworking Space

An office space is what you need – a space that can entertain your needs as a professional individual that can move easily. That’s how it should be! And if you are from Long Beach, NY and in need for a full and comfortable coworking space,  then you should check out Bridgeworks. Their place is specifically designed to fit your needs in any business with their two adjacent buildings that you can choose from. Whatever space you need, they have it for you.

            Bridgeworks – they can provide you with traditional office leases that are “month to month’ memberships. This will give you the choice to expand or cancel depending on what you prefer. It does not bind you to any contract. This will help your business never to have a financial burden on an office lease, unlike other building owners.

Get A Private Office Today

Bridgeworks have private offices that are fully furnished and are also accessible 24/7. You can choose to rent this for a day, a week or a month. You will have an access to their open lounges, meeting rooms, cafe, and entertainment rooms whenever you want. The utilities and the amenities are all included, plus, they also have packages which will suit anyone who is looking for a win-win prices! All they need is a 30-day notice prior to moving out. You can visit for their renting options.

Your Private Desk

Bridgeworks have a Dedicated Desk Membership. If you don’t have space at home to make as your office, you can rent your own personal, lockable space at Bridgeworks. This will come with a hand-crafted desk and chair. The rooms are safe for you to leave your belongings at your desk. You just have to set up shop and stay as long as you need.

Rent a Coworking Space and Cafe

If you are looking for a shared open space with people that have the same interest as yours, then you should contact Bridgeworks today. Their coworking packages are flexible like your business. They have daily, weekly, and also monthly memberships. You can now experience all the amenities that they provide which is more than just a shared office space at a much affordable price. The membership will allow you to have access to work in their lounges, meeting rooms, cafe, and entertainment rooms.

Bridgeworks Meeting Rooms

Do you need a meeting room to hold your executive meetings? You can book a modern meeting room or executive conference rooms with Bridgeworks. You can easily do this from their website,, or through their mobile apps. Reserve a room real-time and manage your meetings through these portals. Their conference rooms compete with projectors, an apple tv, as well as the latest technology for your presentations.

The Virtual Address

If you want to add a professional address to your brand, Bridgeworks have it for you. Their virtual address membership will allow its members to specify their business address to their facility for you to be able to store your mail and business materials in a secured mailbox.

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a space for your business, or if you need a coworking space, Bridgeworks have everything that you need, available 24/7. No need to look further. Just visit their website to know more about their offers.