Acrylic Awards- Best for Outstanding Recognition

Acrylic Trophy is one of the best awards when it comes to recognition and is also the best for the traditional glass or the crystal trophy. Acrylic is the substance that can be easily molded into the various forms and the sizes. Acrylic is very clear but comes in different colors that consist of the blue jade and red that gives the product stunning effects.


Acrylic awards are often engraved with the corporate logos and the artwork or the personalized with the name of the recipient by using the laser. Acrylic Awards are used by most of the organizations for the various awards ceremonies.  Acrylic trophies are also provided to the various sports teams and come in the various varieties of figures for different sports. Acrylic awards for sports teams are used for sports teams are usually mounted on the wooden base that is attached to the engraved brass plates.

Beautification of the acrylic awards

Custom Acrylic Awards

Most of the companies create Custom Acrylic Awards in which the shape of the Award is similar to the shape of the product they manufacture. Awards can be custom designed also as anyone can give their own design of the trophy for the making and once the design gets approved trophy can be made. So if you have a design in mind sketch it, get it approved and you will get it. They also engraved their logo on these Custom Acrylic awards which are often done to promote their business. There are many different companies that manufacture these acrylic awards. The Awards come in the different varieties having the traditional and the modern approach towards the design.  The gleam of the eye-catching polished wooden trophies can now stand along the elegantly sparkling crystal ones. Today Custom acrylic awards are the most common Awards these days.

Manufacturing acrylic awards

These Trophies are manufactured with the use of Acrylic glass. For manufacturing it Acrylic casting resin is poured into the mold. After the Acrylic casting resigns is pour into the mold it is kept to get cool down. Once it gets cool down the resin will get hard and the mold is taken out reviling the desired award. Many effects can be created for very unusual and the eye-catching piece. Many different materials are used and are placed in the embodiments like metal, paper, company logo, acetate sheets or the products etc. This creates a very beautiful effect of the item floating within the acrylic statue.

 So looking overall Acrylic awards are the best choice for giving the recognition or honor to any individual or a team. Acrylic trophies are available in many different varieties and are of different range.  With custom Acrylic awards, you can easily design the one you imagine.