A take on iSeries Cloud Services – An Introduction

Let us get into detail about cloud400 and the iSeries cloud services. This is the one which is secure and the expert IBM I which consists of iSeries, System I and also AS400. This cloud id hosting for the critical applications which are related to business. This is made easy and also flexible. The cost is also reasonable and affordable. This is backed by the USA IBM i/ OS400 Fanatics and this is since the year 1988. This is concluded to be fast, quick, secure and the reliable one. For the users of the IBM I that is the AS400, iSeries and the System I, if you are going to look for the best and the secure expert of this iSeries, system I and the AS400, cloud hosting for the applications which are critical for business and you have enters the correct and the exact place for knowing more about the iSeries cloud services and the cloud400.

Here at the cloud400 they are the experts and possess the expertise of the IBM, they are the service provider managed of the IBM premier and they are the business partners of the POWER speciality. They are backed with about twenty years of experience by the world class IBM i(OS400) fanatics. The cloud400 is absolutely secure one and also the reliable one. They are the one certified for mainly for the concerns of the safety, redundancy and the reliability of the SOC 1 SSAE 18. We can consider that their servers are been hosted in a tier 3 data centre. They’re also having fibre loops which are four in number to the internet. This cloud400 id having the reliability of the uptime of about 99.99 percent approximately and also the redundancy.

iSeries cloud services

About cloud400

This is except for the system maintenance for the mutually scheduled downtime. This cloud400 is simple and also the easy one. This is because of the fact that they are having the focus which is singular and the experience, this cloud400 is taking the difficulty out from the hosting of your IBM I applications which are the critical ones for your business. Their assessment which is the refined one and the processes for the set up will be streaming the onboarding of yours and the testing will be going live. This cloud400 is also the one which has the flexibility. They offer the terms in several years or only for three months. There are no commitments which the long-term ones are and when you are going to move to a new platform with your applications and you will be requiring the hosting of the IBM i.


The cloud400 is also responsible for hosting x86 servers and this will be critical when there is integration of the server to server and this will be needing the connections which are local. This cloud400 is comparatively less of about thirty to seventy percent than the IBM on premise server TCO. TCO refers to total cost of the ownership. You will be having the savings up to almost five thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars per year or also more than that without any reduction in the performance and you can also enjoy the trial of sixty days for absolutely free.